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Blog Paper's Movie News: Unclogged - w/c 5th December 2016

The headlines are true, some of the facts may very well not be!

George Lucas has had a preview screening of next weeks big release Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Apparently George liked it a lot. He was rather taken aback by the full bodied story, good acting, well rounded characters and decent dialogue. "I didn't know you could do that" he was thought to be heard mumbling before he was seen running from the screening straight into an editing suite yelling "Do over!" and starting to furiously re-edit Star Wars Episodes 1 - 3 again.

In further Rogue One news. Positive reactions abound as press members were treated to a viewing of 28 minutes of footage from the movie. The footage showed that the movie will be grittier and seems to contain some relentless action scenes whilst new droid K-2S0 steals the show. The journalists lucky enough to be invited to the screening took straight to twitter, here are some of their views:-

@moviesquirt - "Amazed that the rebels are shown to have stolen the wrong blue prints and manage to take down the planetary defenses of Alderaan"

@projectthis - "Aunt Beru is one hot momma! #poledancingscene

@starwarsbores - "No opening crawl! How are we supposed to know what has happened previously!"

@Framemyparts - "Awesome - the Death Star plans have a Starbucks, Footlocker, a Walmart  and feature plenty of disabled parking"

The box office take for Doctor Strange has surpassed that of Iron Man to make Marvel Studios latest entry the most successful solo character outing in their canon. Tony Stark insists that the Doc cheated by counting the box office dollars from theaters in other dimensions as well as our own. 

The Universal Studios Monsters Extended Universe is soon to get underway with The Mummy being released from it's tomb next year. This week saw the release of the trailer for the Tom Cruise action/horror epic. Originally, the universe was to be kicked off with Dracula Untold in 2014. Universal announced this week that this is no longer the case, probably due to that film only having modest success at the box office. If The Mummy does not strike box office gold then Universal have prepared a further statement that it is also no longer the start of the Monsters franchise and that next movie in line, the as yet untitled Invisible Man movie, will be the official start of the universe. If Invisible Man bombs out then a further statement will be made that The Wolfman is the official start of the timeline, and so on until someone gets it right. 

Moana is still cleaning up at the box office. If you are one of those movie maniacs that like to look for Easter eggs in your Disney movies you can find characters from Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Aladdin and others in the background of certain scenes in the beach based adventure. If you look hard enough you can also see cleverly hidden pictures of Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader and Iron Man beating the living snot out of the Ninja Turtles, Superman and Batman whilst throwing spare box office dollars at them as they lie buckled, bruised and crying in the sand. You have to look really hard for that one.

Armie Hammer has been teasing fans with tweets suggesting that he has been signed up for a new major role. Internet buzz suggests he could now be involved in the DCEU Green Lantern Corps movie, which rings true as the former Lone Ranger is well known for getting involved in long running, majorly successful franchises.*

Spider-man: Homecoming had a trailer released this week and already it is looking like the movie really should be sub-titled Home Run! Following up on his cameo in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland looks like he has got the title role nailed. We also get brief glimpses of The Vulture and Shocker as the movie villans, looking all futuristic and naughty like. We at unclogged feel that this film is likely to be the greatest Marvel release yet, which is quite a statement as everything they ever do is amazing and a perfect work of art. Little can be told about Homecoming as yet but, just from this trailer alone we can tell that every single frame will be worthy of an Oscar. I am sure the internet will crash a million times over with entire population of earth trying to pre-book tickets for multiple screenings. We say this and we haven't actually seen the movie, but maybe some kind and generous and handsome and/or beautiful employee at Marvel Studios would be gracious enough to send us tickets and merchandise so we can write so much more butt lickery like the above about this shining achievement in motion picture production. Blog Paper: Unclogged - bringing you unbiased bribery based journalism at it's very best.

Fan favorite actor Michael Rooker shared a picture of the new look for his, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, character Yondu on social media this week. His metal, arrow controlling head nubbin is now a full on fin. The internet is a quiver with movie nuts trying to guess what the fin will be used for. Most likely assumptions are that it is an Ariel for satellite television, for scaring small children whilst swimming at the beach or it's a butter knife. Another popular theory is that Yondu actually has a swiss army head with many different appendages for uses as diverse as being a cork screw to one for getting stones out of a horses hoof.

And finally...

The Rock this week has been very upset at the news that he has gone through another week without an announcement for a future project for him to add to his current rosta of 757 up coming movies. The word is that on the set of Jumanji 2, in a sudden bout of rage, the mightily muscled one grabbed co-star Kevin Hart and accidentally snapped him in two

*You know this is sarcasm right? It's really hard to write a gag like this without putting everything in italics and thus treading on the subtlety that I am aiming for. Of course you got it though because you are an intelligent well read individual. I can tell just by looking at you...have you done something new with your hair by the way? You look fabulous!**

** This too should be in italics

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