Sunday, 22 January 2017

A post about hard work, friendliness and awesome strangers

Running a blog is hard work. You spend an inordinate amount of time putting together a decent post and even longer on social media trying to persuade people to visit your website to read said post. All this in hope that you might get a little bit of popularity and the net will start flinging wads of cash at you like it does for most teenagers out there who own an iPhone. To most, it seems all you need to do these days is put out a video on You Tube of someone jumping off a thing to try and land on another thing, whilst wearing a pair of skis,and do this all before a ping pong ball, which is rolling down an intricate maze of household objects in a precarious manner, bounces off a cat that is playing a banjo. Bam! Suddenly you are 18 and buying gold plated, monogrammed, toilet brushes.

It's not that easy, weather you put a lot of work into your internet output or not, the biggest card that is played in Internet stardom, like a lot of things in life, is luck. Then you have to work hard to keep that popularity once you have it, which is even harder than getting there in the first place.

Though I am working hard, I am not under any misconception that the bucks are going to coming shooting through the letterbox like so many invites to attend school at Hogwarts. However, I put together this site with the hope that some little bit of notoriety may be attributed to my particular brand of silliness. I am happiest when I see that more than three people have read a post and one of those people was in deepest, darkest Peru (who knew Paddington and his family had such good wifi!) That is good enough for me, unless someone fancies bunging me a few quid, don't get me wrong. Amazing Spider-man branded man-kinis don't buy themselves you know!

Since starting this venture, I have become aware just how many other people similar to me are out there doing the same thing. Not just from the blog and ping pong cat bouncing video communities. There are people from all different walks of life and career choice trying to make things happen for themselves. It's an obvious thing to say I guess, but all over social media, the more you plug your own work, you are made more aware of others doing the same with varying degree's of success.

You will also find people who have already made it, they have strove (stroved, striven...strivulated?), paid the dues and on their way to mountains of success in their chosen field. I have found that these people can be amazingly supportive and friendly. A like of a tweet or an instagram photo from a complete stranger very satisfying, especially if that same person keeps liking your output. It shows a level of enjoyment of your work from them that is, to me, more important than any monetary gain. Honestly, it is! These chaps and chapettes don't have to do this, they already have zillions of followers, it does get their info into your timeline, but I am sure they are aware it also helps you out by getting you in theirs. Which is a lovely thing to do in this digital age where we are all mostly aware of the unpleasant things that go on out there in internet land.

There are two people out there that have liked Blog Paper efforts in social media world that I would like to bring to your attention to. Not a big deal to them I am sure, but thanks to their likes on Twitter and Instagram a good few extra people came floating my way. Jamie Bernadette and Mack Kuhr are two actors that are working hard and making waves and have some pretty exciting stuff on the horizon.


Very busy since hitting the scene in 2008, Miss Bernadette as a packed filmography on IMDb. Just reading the list of projects shows her trajectory, swapping bit parts in features and shorts for leading roles in movies of every description. She seems to be making a name for herself as an upcoming Scream Queen as a number of her upcoming movies are of the horror genre, although she is a versitile actress taking on roles in everything from comedy to romantic drama. Most notable of the titles that feature on her coming soon quota is I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu. This is a direct sequel to the notorious 1978 classic horror/thriller rather than anothe follow up to the recent remake. The movie also stars Camille Keaton, reprising her role from the first movie and is written and directed by also returning Meir Zarchi.

Jamie is certainly cutting swathes through the horror category, most excitingly with "The 6th Friend" which she not only stars in but also co-wrote and produced. The movie centers around a group of college friends who throw a graduation party which ends tragically after an uninvited guest arrives. Five years later the girls gather again ti endure a night of terror and bloodshed! The movie has already won Jamie two best actress awards and best picture at two major horror festivals.

You can also check out some of her other work, such as All Girls Weekend and Let's Be Evil, via all  usual outlets. So it is onwards and upwards for Miss Bernadette and we look forward to keeping up with all her future efforts.


Mr. Kuhr is also a very busy chap. His resume includes appearances in the amazing John Wick and its' upcoming sequel. His IMDB entry is littered with some very cool movies and t.v. shows, however, the fact that I received an Instagram like message from someone who was in 2014's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot made me a very cool dude indeed in the eyes of my children!

Any ladies who espouse the old adage that men can not multi task only need to look at Mack's list of career options to realise there is the odd one or two of us out there that are spinning plates like there is no tomorrow. Actor, Stuntman, Model, Voice Actor, the list goes on. I'd imagine that he can also make a pretty mean cup of coffee if a role required it, probably whilst laying some smack down on a baddie and saving a kitten from a tree.

Mack has popped up in innumerable popular t.v. shows such as Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and Gotham. He also made an appearance in Jessica Jones another title that got the Blog Paper household very excited.

It is another of his upcoming ventures that look like an exciting one to watch, Sci Fi Thriller Alterscape, starring bonefide legend Michael Ironside. It is the first feature from writer/director Serge Levin who is currently linked to the next in the ReAnimator franchise. The movie, which should be released in July, is the tale of a young man, suffering from depression, who submits himself for a series of trials developed to fine tune human emotions. His unique reaction to the experiment sends him on a journey beyond physical and perceived reality.

So thanks to these two awesome people for the support they showed me with a few happy clicks on their preferred social media sites. A simple thing, even if done on a whim, but helped me out immensely. That kindness deserves a kindness. My hope is their work, tweets and posts will suddenly saur in popularity because of this little entry. If one more person in deepest, darkest Peru takes a look at their projects then my work is done. So please, check the links above their official sites, go see their movies and t.v. shows. Oh, and don't forget to tell everyone sent you!